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Tú Phan ~~

rare-royalty: I love your account :)! Makes me want to learn. My question was if you get sent a picture and you make a pixel masterpiece or do people ask you how you want it?


Hi there, thanks so much!

All my portraits are based on real people (except the dinosaurs of course!). People place orders in my store (scarlet and send me pictures of the people they’d like me to stitch and I take it from there!

thinkingwithoutmakinganysense: Hi I absolutely love ur blog. I used to do this in the fourth grade and I loved it. And I want to get back to it but its been 7 years and I wouldn't know where to start! Helpp ?! I need a hobby tumblr isn't enough ~★:)


Hi there - thanks so much!

You should definitely pick up your needle and thread again! It’s pretty easy to get back into. All you need is:

• A good medium sized needle
• Some embroidery thread (I tend to use 3-4 strands at a time)
• Some aida (I use 14 count, this means there are 14 holes per inch)
• And a pattern you want to try!

Etsy have TONS of awesome patterns available (plus I sell some in my store > - I’d start with a really simple one first and see how you go. I’d love to know how you get on!